‘James Casey is Innocent’ at the Edinburgh Festival.

The Fair Trial Project is taking part in the online Edinburgh Fringe Festival. We have entered a documentary about the trial of James Casey (Prisoner Number 14704).

The documentary is titled ‘James Casey is innocent. The judge’s misdirection.’.

A Criticism of Police Action as Rangers Fans Celebrate.

Whenever the police arrest someone they have to bring them in front of a judge for a hearing on the arrest and other matters like bail conditions. The hearing must be in public and the judge must be independent and impartial. As these requirements cannot be met, this makes any arrest unlawful. The police cannot hold someone without being able to bring them in front of an independent and impartial judge at a public hearing.

Prisoner 14704 – James Casey

James Casey is innocent. He has never had a fair trial and on top of all that he is an extremely intelligent and kind person. He has asked me to make complaints and raise actions against the whole Scottish legal profession.

Fair Trial News: The Open Justice Campaign is Live

Fair Trial Open Justice Press and Public Missing

The Open Justice Campaign is now live… The Open Justice Campaign explains why it was unlawful to exclude the press and public from the courts during Covid-19.  Limiting the number and implementing social distancing is a better approach…   Click here to view