Complaint against judges, advocates and others…

Complaints have been made about all Scottish judges, advocates and solicitors after Tom Muirhead was unlawfully questioned by the Police at the Edinburgh Festival...

Unlawfully Questioned by Police at the Edinburgh Festival


Date: 1.9.2021


  1. The Fair Trial Project are currently running a campaign for the release of prisoner 14704, James Casey. We have a short documentary online at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe and on YouTube.


  1. I, Tom Muirhead, went to Edinburgh on the 24th of August 2021 to distribute some leaflets advertising the documentary. Around 13:30 I had just finished leafletting on High Street. I was taking photos of the banner I had put up when a lady approached me and asked if the ‘James Casey is innocent’ banner is mine (I had put the banner on an unused, boarded up building). I said it was. She then said ‘sorry, but you have to take it down as it isn’t licensed.’ I said that I was just about to take it down (I had planned to go to the Grassmarket). She walked away and said, ‘I’ll get someone that will make you take it down.’


  1. I was concerned. I folded up the banner and walked towards St Giles Cathedral. I noticed a lot of security with vests had now appeared. I thought, and it looked like they were looking for me. I was now more concerned. I stood next to St Giles Cathedral and tried to disappear into the background and calm down. I drank some water.


  1. Next, two police officers came up and one asked if they could have a chat. They said that a colleague had informed them ‘I was doing something with a banner.’


  1. I asked if I was a suspect. I was told no. The Officers numbers are 669 and 990. The Officers then went on a fishing expedition asking me what I was doing in Edinburgh, where I was from etc. I contend that it is unlawful to question someone for no reason. It is also embarrassing to be approached by two uniformed police officers on the High Street in Edinburgh.


  1. I said that I didn’t want to answer any questions and asked for a senior officer as I wished to make some complaints.


  1. My complaints were that a) I had been ‘attacked’ by their colleague (but I didn’t go into any details with the two officers); and b) I wished to make complaints about them.


  1. The two officers kept on asking what the complaints about them were. I kept on saying that I would tell the senior officer.


  1. The senior officer didn’t arrive. I asked if I was under arrest. Was told no, so I left. Rather than handing out more leaflets publicising the documentary and enjoying an Edinburgh evening, I went home. I was very concerned about what had happened and about reprisals.


  1. I have now made complaints of criminality against officers 669 and 990 and the lady who complained to the police about me (and possibly sent ‘security’ looking for me).


  1. I have also made criminal complaints that concern the underlying subject-matter of the James Casey is Innocent documentary and our web-site ( and arise from the facts that I have set out above.


  1. These are complaints of criminal fraud against the Scottish Judges, all advocates and all solicitors. Click here to see the complaint.

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