Fettes College Child Abuse Cover Up (Judges Involved)


Fettes College (Fettes) is a boarding and day school in Edinburgh. The governing body is the Governors of the Fettes Trust. The Senators of the College of Justice (Scotland’s Senior Judges) and the Faculty of Advocates are part of the governing body. Each year, they elect one of their members to sit as a governor to represent them.

The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry (SCAI) has been set up by the Scottish Government to look ‘at the abuse of children in care in Scotland.’ Fettes has admitted that children were abused at the school between 1930 and 17 Dec 2014.

The SCAI is chaired by Lady Smith (a senior Scottish Judge and a Senator of the College of Justice) and the questioning is being done by practising advocates (who are members of the Faculty of Advocates). This means that people who are responsible for the child abuse at Fettes are investigating child abuse in care in Scotland (including the child abuse that happened at Fettes and other schools).

The SCAI has run since 2015 and the cost has been over forty-six million pounds (£46,874,090 to the 30th of June 2021).

Legal proceedings, concerning child abuse allegations at Fettes, are taking place in Scottish courts. None of the judges or advocates involved in these cases have disclosed that they are part of the Fettes governing body.

The Lord Advocate, a government minister, state prosecutor and part of the governance of Fettes, decided not to prosecute or investigate some child abuse allegations made by former Fettes pupils. The Lord Advocate did not disclose to these former pupils that their complaints were against him, other advocates, and the judges (as they are all part of the governing body of Fettes).

Four papers will be published on this topic. Each paper will have a YouTube video associated with it.

You can click to read the first paper, download it or watch the YouTube video…

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