James Casey is Innocent.


1. A video explaining why James Casey did not commit murder is online at the Edinburgh Fringe and is also available on YouTube. You can watch the video below…

2. The video highlights a crazy error made by the trial judge. During his charge to the Jury, the trial judge, Lord Maclean, after recounting the main argument for James Casey’s defence, said: ‘Therefore, said Mr Robertson, McNairn was not wearing the white gloves, it was Casey who was wearing the white gloves that night, and he was the signaller. Ladies and gentlemen, you would have followed that line of reasoning by Mr Robertson. I have to say the logic of it escapes me, but it is a matter for you to consider…’

3. An application has been made to the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (SCCRC). Two new ‘stateable grounds of review’ have been raised, You can view or download the application below.

James Casey is innocent on YouTube.


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To verify the facts set out in the video and SCCRC application. Please go to the Scottish Courts web-site and  view a previous appeal where everything is set out by the appeal court.

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